Making A Difference

Sharing Courage, Hope and Strength

With more than $2.3 Million in grants awarded to patients, the Atlanta Cancer Care Foundation has been making a difference in our community since 2001.

Every year, the Atlanta Cancer Care Foundation (ACCF) provides critical financial assistance to Metro Atlanta cancer patients that need help dealing with the often overwhelming costs associated with the disease and its treatment.

ACCF grants help patients who are facing unbearable choices: Prevent eviction, or finish the next round of chemotherapy? Buy groceries for the family, or prescriptions for the patient? Keep the electricity on, or make sure there’s enough gas in the car to get to the next appointment?

More than just a financial boost, ACCF grants remind patients and their families that they are not alone, and that a community of individuals, foundations and corporations are reaching out to share Courage, Hope and Strength that they need to fight the disease.

In 2020, we provided grants totaling more than $262,000 to 827 patients, referred to us by 34 different providers.

In the Past 18 Months...

Donations to ACCF help grantees meet their most basic needs—food for their children, utility payments, and even their medical co-pays.


Your donation is a source of hope for those in need.

Housing Assistance
Transportation Support
Food and Household Expenses
Utility Assistance
Other Needs

Why It Matters


FROM D.L., COLON CANCER PATIENT: The impact of my cancer diagnosis finds me going from regular income to reduced income because I work solely as a musician contractor. My clients are under no obligation to pay me when I’m unable to provide musical weekly services. I’m now facing potentially going to no income at this…

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Making a Difference for More Than 1,000

Today, February 4, is “World Cancer Day.”  Why give such an ugly disease a day of its own?  The goal is to get as many people as possible to talk about cancer, to raise awareness and spur educational efforts, and to encourage everyone around the world to take action.  To prevent, fight and overcome.  And…

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What is the cost of cancer?

Researchers at the University of Louisville, under the direction of Dr. Karen Kayser, are conducting a research study about the impact of cancer treatment on the financial well-being and quality of life of cancer survivors. The University of Louisville is inviting volunteers who have been diagnosed with breast cancer or blood (Leukemia, Lymphoma, or Myeloma)…

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