In Their Words

Cancer patients & survivors tell us how the Atlanta Cancer Care Foundation made a difference:

From Douglas Leacock, Colon Cancer Patient, June 2015:

The impact of my cancer diagnosis finds me going from regular income to reduced income because I work solely as a musician contractor. My clients are under no obligation to pay me when I'm unable to provide musical weekly services. I'm now facing potentially going to no income at this Stage 4 colon cancer.

ACCF assisted me with my Georgia Power bill, which was two months behind and due to be disconnected.

ACCF helped me at a time when a hospital stay had me out of circulation and their reaching out and helping just made me feel that there is hope and help as I face the final cycles of treatment available to me.

From a Breast Cancer Patient, June 2015:

[My treatment] left me jobless and income-less. I am very grateful for the help that has been provided me and my family. To lose my home or my vehicle, to have utilities being threatened to be shut off -- adds a great amount of stress to an already stressful situation and would be overwhelming.

ACCF helped me rest assured that my children and I would have electricity during these hot summer months. Thank you.

Letter from a brain cancer patient, January 2015:

Just [writing] to let you know just how much we appreciate the kind gift of help on our house payment. Thanks to the Atlanta Cancer Care Foundation. It means so much when you know there are means of help.

Letter from a bladder cancer patient, August 2014:

I want to thank you so much for the certificate you sent to help us get groceries. I am self-employed and haven't been able to work for the past four months [due to treatment]. What little money I had saved was depleted quickly. I can't tell you how much that helped us to have something to eat in house.

I am hoping in the next two months I will be able to go back to work, God willing. I want you to know how much that [help] meant to me and my wife, help from someone we didn't even know.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Letter from a Breast Cancer patient, December 2014:

I wanted to send this [note] in appreciation for your organization assisting me with my rent last month. God has provided me with many blessings during my fight with my illness. I definitely consider [ACCF] as one of those blessings.

I look forward to the day when I can "pay it forward" with a donation.