Snapshots of Life

Snapshots of LifeHolly Tabor is a triple negative breast cancer survivor. Holly blogged about her cancer journey during the months she received treatment at Atlanta Cancer Care and through the first year post-treatment. In October 2011, Holly published a book, “Snapshots of Life ~ glimpses of joy as revealed in a journey through breast cancer”, which is a compilation of those blog posts. Holly notes that the blog not only became a way of connecting with the outside world while being home-bound during chemotherapy, but also as a way to connect with the emotional and physical ramifications of a breast cancer diagnosis. One of the aspects that Holly feels is unique about her blog, is that she wrote beyond the end of treatment: “Once the cancer is removed, the chemotherapy and radiation treatments completed, the survivor begins the real battle – the battle for wholeness. The battle for restored life. It is this battle that I wish to convey by sharing my story. It is a lifelong battle…but well worth the effort."

Copies of "Snapshots of Life ~ glimpses of joy as revealed in a journey through breast cancer" will be available in all of the Atlanta Cancer Care offices (please inquire at the front desk). Holly is donating 100% of the proceeds from this book to the Atlanta Cancer Care Foundation, Inc. If you prefer to order a color copy, hard cover or e-book for your iPad or iPhone, please visit: